Friday, April 4, 2008


Anna is so cute... she loves to do what we do. When we go potty, so goes in there and tries to take off her diaper so she can give it a whirl, too. I think she'll be easy to pottytrain. I was, according to my parents, easy to train and was trained by age 2. Every morning Anna wakes up with a dry diaper and thirty minutes later, her diaper is full. I haven't actually timed it, but I bet that if I do, I could get her to go potty on her own little training toilet. That's exciting, but scary. Scary because my little girl will soon be growing up!
Hey, I just found out about a contest for Huggie's Clean Team Products. I also watch a toddler every other week so I'm excited that I'll be able to test this product on a couple of different age groups... plus this would be my first review. Just click over to MetaBlog: Parents for more information.


Lisa & Gerald said...

The Joys Of Potty training! Sounds like she ready for the potty!! hehehe!! Have fun with her! When we potty trained our little ladies we asked them ? If they would like to wear little lady panties?
It worked for us! Best of luck to you and your little lady
Hope to hear some good news in a few months

Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Kennedy wakes up dry every morning as well, and sure enough, if I stick her on the potty she will go!! She's SO ready but has other problems that keep us from potty training right now... I say jump on the chance while it's there!! Diaper free is SUCH a good feeling!

Ethan @ M80 said...

Thanks for the shout-out!

Anyone else that would like to try out the Huggies CleanTeam products, drop me an email:

ethan /at/

Or surf over to our parenting metablog.