Friday, April 4, 2008

RosePetal Cottage

Wouldn't you love to be a little girl again? I know I sure would. I remember when I was little I loved having my own little place. Nobody else's. Not my brother's. Not my sister's. I had quite a few, actually. I had a tree fort, a place across the creek called "The Golden Valley"--named so by myself and my best friend for its dry yellow golden grass, a giant refrigerator box. But when I was watching a commercial a few months back about the RosePetal Cottage I just fell in love!!! But honestly I don't have the money for it *yet*. Thankfully, my friend Sarah at Sassyfrazz directed me to probably the greatest contest ever. It is for a RosePetal Cottage! God bless you, MomsViews!!! Woot! So, head over there and sign up for a chance to win a beautiful Cottage for your little girl!

1 Comment:

Sarah said...

Doesn't this look awesome! I would love to win this, too! I loved Rose petal as a little girl! I would love to review this item!